Deliverart: the food delivery management revolution

Today we are witnessing the boom of digitization of all the aspects of our lives, including food delivery.
Recent statistics say that over 70% of customers order at home.

Deliverart has detected a gap for those working in small and medium-sized food businesses, which alone account for almost 90% of the market: there are no adequate tools to better manage phone orders, to monitor deliveries nor to have all the relevant data of your business.

We at Deliverart are here to help these businesses work better. We are here because we love to build solutions that work and because we are passionate about it.

The team

Food delivery + digital innovation know-how

We are a team of food and innovation experts with 7 years of direct experience in the food delivery industry and more than 10  years in the digital sector.

Deliverart is an intuition born in 2016, a product that collects all our experiences and we want to remain a project that is always open and constantly evolving. Basically we are in Rome, but our software can work anywhere and without specific know-how!

What they say about us