Deliverart - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an answers to all the most frequently asked questions and doubts that our customers have, with and easy consultation interface. We will explain what Deliverart is for and how to best use its features in detail.

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The user of Deliverart is the manager or owner of businesses that deliver food at home. If you have a bar, a pizzeria, an ice cream parlor that delivers food at home, you are in the right place.

Thanks to the software features, you will be able to consolidate all the home delivery orders a restaurant receives.

Deliverart suggests the perfect time slot, with a real-time match between the availability of the kitchen, of your riders and of the customer, automatically setting the delivery route and arrival time.

The platform is designed to facilitate all the operations related to taking an order, simplifying third-party orders management, and streamlining telephone orders too. 

(see How to place an order)

Deliverart is a complete solution, designed to manage the entire flow of food delivery, from order taking (see How to place an order) to the delivery itself (see How does a courier make a delivery).

Deliverart offers various tools and features in this regard:

      • Customers database: every time an order is taken or received, it will be possible to record the customer data, thus reducing the time spent on taking future orders. You will have to enter in the system the minimum data necessary for delivery: address, ringbell and telephone of the end customer. Optional data are: name, surname and email. Thanks to this digital approach, a part of the customer data will be enough to automatically recall an already registered data sheet and save precious minutes;
      • Tool to create shifts for your riders: a feature that allows you to create and manage the work shifts of your riders, even planning them in advance. In the “Calendar” section it will be possible to view all the scheduled shifts, edit them and check the relative associated riders;
      • First-glance monitoring of shifts progress: in the “Dashboard” section you will find the main metrics and statistics of the current shift, with detailed graphics on turnover, products sold, riders performances (see next point);
      • Tracking of deliveries in progress: in conjunction with the Deliverart Rider App, you can monitor your riders and all orders that are being delivered, knowing in real time the position, the progress of the delivery, and the estimated return time;
      • Aggregate orders from different channels: Deliverart will be a single platform to receive all orders. If you use third-party platforms to delivery your products, thanks to Deliverart you will no longer have to keep a lot of different devices to monitor your orders, trusting on Deliverart to be a single aggregator. See the list of our integrations here!
      • Access to a detailed reporting service: thanks to the “Reporting” section it will be possible to have a detailed overview of all the aspects concerning your food delivery activity;
      • Creation and editing of one or more product menus: through the “Menu” section it will be possible to customize the products on sale, creating one or more menus from which to select the products during the ordering process. Each menu can be customized by adding categories (first courses, second courses, pizzas, drinks, etc.) and placing the single products inside. The categories are pre-set system fields that will allow you to find your products way faster when placing the order. Each dish or drink must then have the associated price and, optionally, its ingredients description;
      • Riders management: another important feature of the software is the management of riders. From this section it will be possible to associate single riders with your store in order to invite them to particular work shifts, or remove them when they no longer work for you;
      • Kitchen Monitor: to simplify the kitchen management and avoid paper waste, the orders entered into the system will be displayed in the kitchen via any digital device provided with an internet connection. It will be possible for you to see all the single elements that make up each order. Once ready, the kitchen will take care of marking the order as READY and thus make delivery available to the first available rider.

If you want to start optimizing and managing your food deliveries in the best possible way, click on the dedicated page to request a demo.

We will contact you back to show you the features of our software and explain how it works in detail.

The software will be granted under subscription use, upon payment of a fee at fixed intervals (for more information seepricing), according to the methods illustrated and as agreed in the quotation phase.

Failure to renew or cancellation will result in the inhibition of the profile to use Deliverart.

The User undertakes to use the software exclusively to manage the deliveries of products from his venue or premises for which the subscription has been activated. The User also undertakes not to allow use by unauthorized personnel and with whom he does not have a qualified legal relationship.

Deliverart is a cloud software, which can be accessed via any device with an internet connection at this link

To use Deliverart is necessary to create a personal account (see How to register on Deliverart) and associate your companywith it, by entering information such as: VAT number, Tax code, Billing address, Operational headquarters of the point of sale.

After these preliminary steps you will be ready to start using the software.

Before taking orders, make sure you have a valid shift for the desired day and time.

In case of a telephone or face-to-face order, it can be managed as a normal phone call, using the tools of Deliverart to speed up the acquisition process.

Product adding

You can create a new orderby adding the products requested by the customer (possibly also filling in the “comments” field). By then entering thedelivery address, the system will suggest, through auto-completion, the entries in the customer database that have similar data.

Address entry

If the customer is already registered in the database, just click on the according item and the system will recall the customer card with all the data previously recorded. In the event that there are no previous records, you can create a new customer card which, once the order acquisition process is complete, will be automatically added to the customer database for future orders.

By default, each customer has as their primary address the one they communicate on their first order. If, on the other hand, you specify a new address on the phone, you can add it to the system without overwriting the original data.

At this point you can proceed to define a timetable.

Time entry

The platform will calculate the route, delivery and return times, necessary for the optimal management of the store and the kitchen to optimize subsequent deliveries, thus avoiding overlapping of schedules that generally lead to disservices or delays.

Deliverart will show you the available time slots and, depending on the customer’s needs, you can select the most suitable one.

If the conditions are met, at the suggestion of the software you can opt for a multiple delivery, merging two deliveries geographically close and thus choosing independently whether to optimize the movements of your rider.

Upon time confirmation, the order is recorded in the system and displayed in the kitchen via the Kitchen Monitor(see “Kitchen Monitor” in How it helps me to optimize home delivery processes)from where you can manage the status of preparation.

The rider, who has previously downloaded the Deliverart Rider App on his smartphone and created a personal account, can in this way be associated with the store and the shifts created by the restaurateur.

When a shift is in progress, the rider, who is working in that moment, can pick up the first order marked as “ready”from the kitchen (see “Kitchen dashboard” in How it helps me to optimize home delivery processes) from the list of deliveries to be made.

Thanks to the courier app, it is no longer necessary to carry a paper summary of the order with you, but simply consult the data of the order to be delivered to have everything under control.

The rider can in fact check:

      • the list of products to be delivered;
      • the times suggested by the software for delivery;
      • and what is the best route to take by activating the navigator.

At that point, the rider can start his delivery and mark through the app all the various steps carried out: delivery started, delivery made, return.

If necessary, the rider can at any time contact the end customer using the number in the delivery summary.

If necessary, you can decide to manually associate a delivery with one or more couriers, monitoring and managing the delivery status even remotely.


Deliverart does not provide riders: they work directly for restaurants / clubs / bars, without any form of intermediation.

At the moment the customer cannot monitor the delivery, but a function for sending a message via SMS / Whatsapp is being implemented, which will allow geolocalization of the rider who is making the delivery and the verification of their data correctness on the Deliverart platform. We will keep you updated!

When you log in, click on “Recover Password” and the system will send you an email to recover your credentials. Just follow the steps and you will have a brand new password.

If you want to work as a rider, register your account on Deliverart and make yourself known by affiliated restaurants, pizzerias, bars and pubs!

Just download our Deliverart Rider App here.

In a few seconds you can sign up on our platform and start working as a rider.

Thanks to our app, you can:

      • update, edit your profile;
      • save shifts on the calendar of your smartphone;
      • take over the orders and finish them, always having the summary of the goods to be delivered available;
      • open the navigator of your smartphone to consult the best-suggested delivery route;
      • contact the end customer by phone in case of problems;
      • consult your reports;
      • contact Deliverart support in case of app malfunctions;
      • contact the Deliverart administrators to delete your profile.

You can delete your account in the “Your Profile” section and by sending an email to Our support team will take care of deleting your profile.