Discover Deliverart Kitchen Monitor!

It combines the traditional paper orders with a single screen that displays in a simple and optimal way all the information and timing necessary for the kitchen to prepare an order.

The kitchen monitor works in the cloud and is included in the subscription to Deliverart.

The key infos

The Kitchen monitor gives you the information you need in the kitchen at a first glance

With the device of your choice

Works from tablets and smartphones, without installation!

Controlled timing

The kitchen will know exactly when the products must come out to be delivered in time by couriers

Kitchen monitor image
The ideal ally for deliveries

Send a notification to couriers whenever an order is ready. Kitchen workers will be able to manage everything with just one click!

A smart interface

A single glance at all orders that need to be prepared. No more chaos and paper orders!

Easily coordinate multiple orders

The kitchen will have nothing to worry about: Deliverart will automatically aggregate multiple orders and give the right priority to each preparation

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Start simplifying your food delivery management right now. Your staff will thank you!