Custom Web App for commission-free delivery and takeaway

Customize your e-commerce and start getting your loyal customers to order right away


With your delivery and takeout web app, you can immediately receive free online home orders and access a control panel to manage orders and deliveries.

And you can also fully customize your menu with photos and descriptions!

Easy and fast

Easily update and manage menus, delivery times, prices in total autonomy. It will be a pleasure for your customers to order at home!

Unique and powerful

Customers can only order during the times actually available for delivery and Deliverart manages delivery times and rounds automatically


You won't pay for the domain, programming or maintenance. You can update it easily and it is suitable for all devices: PC, smartphone and tablet.


Share your food delivery menu on social media and Whatsapp and easily insert it on your website. You can customize it with your logo and photos!

Fast and easy

Easily update and manage menus, delivery times, pricesin total autonomy.Your customers will be happy to order at home and without commissions!

Unique and powerful

Thanks to the connection with the Deliverart management system, the system offers customers only the timing in which delivery is actually available.


You won't pay for the domain, programming or maintenance. You update it easily and it is suitable for all devices: PCs, smartphones and tablets.


Shareyour e-commerce for food delivery on social networks and Whatsapp and easily add it to your main website. Upon request, it can be customized with your brand colorsand your logo.

Give your customers freedom of choice on how they can order!


They can devote themselves to placing orders from the site and receiving them at home (or picking them up) or calling in as they are used to.

You, on the other hand, will receive all orders directly into your Deliverart management system.

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<strong>Deliverart is a partner of the NEXI payment system</strong>

Thanks to the integration with NEXI you will be able to receive digital payments on your account and with favorable conditions, thanks to the Deliverart-Nexi partnership.

It will be easier for your customers to pay and it will be easier for you to receive payments!


Contact us for a customized demo

We will explain how to have your web app/e-commerce site for delivery immediately connected to a powerful management system. Two essential ingredients to enhance and simplify your home deliveries.

All without any commission fee on orders.