Deliveroo per Deliverart

Deliveroo e Deliverart together for you!

Start receiving your Deliveroo orders right away in Deliverart

Deliverart can partner with Deliveroo to easily manage your online orders and menu from one platform.

What are the benefits for you

All your orders on a single platform

Easily monitor orders from your website, phone and delivery platforms and let Deliverart handle the delivery process for you.

Manage your food delivery without stress

Deliverart simplifies and automates work, reduces errors and helps you track the deliveries, the kitchen and the riders

Deliver more orders and better

With Deliverart it will be easier to coordinate external sales platforms and manage your internal orders. Easier delivery = happier customers!

Integrate Deliveroo with Deliverart

What does this integration require?
  • A Deliverart account
  • A Deliveroo account

Deliverart customer service is always available to show you the beneftis of using both services.
Contact us about any curiosity you might have!

Deliveroo is a registered brand of Deliveroo Italy S.R.L., Via Carlo Bo 11, 20143 Milano. Deliveroo and Deliverart are responsible for their services and products according to their respective terms of use and privacy policies.

*Activation of the integration for individual affiliate POS is upon request and is subject to approval from Deliveroo

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