Report Food Delvery 2022
Report Food Delivery 2022

Food delivery: a resource that must support restaurants

The Food Delivery sector in 2022 is still the driving force for global consumption. This growth impacts both Restaurant-to-consumer orders, and therefore internal to the restaurant, and Platform-to-Consumer orders, i.e. coming from delivery platforms, in a constantly evolving scenario where delivery platforms are increasingly competitive and restaurants an increasingly high level of attention is required to retain one's customers.

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Report Food Delivery 2021

Home delivery during the Covid-19

The Food & Beverage sector is one of the most impacting on GDP both globally and nationally, considering both the turnover and the value of its related industries.

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Delivery origine di un fenomeno
Sei un ristoratore e non sai %%title%% ? Ti regaliamo l'e-book con 7 pratici consigli per il food delivery

Getting started with home deliveries

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