xMenu per Deliverart

xMenu and Deliverart together for you!

One platform, all your orders.

🚀 Discover our integration between Deliverart and xMenu, the direct channel for receiving orders via a personalized native App.

Easily monitor orders from the website, phone, platforms, and xMenu, and let Deliverart manage deliveries.

What are my benefits?

Integrate xMenu with Deliverart!

All your orders on a single platform

Monitor your website, phone, delivery platforms, and apps, and let Deliverart manage delivery.

Thanks to the integration with xMenu, Deliverart allows you to manage your home orders coming from your personalized app, synchronize your menus, coordinate the kitchen and delivery drivers from your POS without losing sight of anything.

Manage your food delivery in the best possible way

Deliverart has the tools to manage your food deliveries independently:

  • Delivery planning
  • Optimized riders routes
  • Delivery tracking
  • Customers database
  • Delivery Order Display System (DODS®)
  • App Rider
  • Detailed reporting

Check your data insight and simplify the management process

Check the reports about the best-selling products and the database of your customers to better organize your home delivery strategy.

With xMenu and Deliverart you will have everything you need to manage takeaway and delivery without worrying about operations: keep your customers and your staff happy!

What do I need it for?

With Deliverart and xMenu your delivery takes a leap in quality!

Deliverart and XMenu help you offer an even higher level of delivery and takeaway service!
Receive orders from your personalized xMenu app, orders are processed and managed by Deliverart and end up on the screen you will need to check all your incoming orders. Through Deliverart, you can centralize the management of all menus (xMenu and platforms included) and make deliveries more efficient with tracking and routes optimized for riders.

Furthermore, thanks to reporting, you can find and resolve any bottlenecks in your workflow.

Deliverart + XMenu
What does this integration require?
  • Your Deliverart account
  • Your xMenu app

Deliverart’s customer service is available to show you the advantages of using both services; write to us, and we will put you in touch with xMenu to get your personalized app!

xMenu is an xMenu srl solution
Deliverart srl and xMenu srl are responsible for their services and products according to their respective conditions of use and privacy policy.

For information on xMenu, visit the website www.xmenu.it