All deliveries in one place


Deliverart is the only software that, in addition to aggregating orders, helps you optimize delivery routes:

– Optimize deliveries in real time, suggesting the best route;
– Organize aggregated routes, to maximize the exit of the messengers
– Manages multi-platform routes, for orders from different platforms, but also telephone and website orders

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Why it is important to manage delivery from the arrival of the order to delivery

The delivery boy is the first business card when it comes to delivery

With your riders, you can have greater control over the service: quality, delivery times and zero errors. That’s why it’s always better to deliver with internal staff.

Also included in Deliverart is the Deliverart Rider App

It will be easier to deliver and find your customers quickly

The right buttons

The simple and intuitive interface allows you to keep control of delivery and eyes always on the road

Everything you need

Everything is included in the delivery summary: address, goods to be delivered and the amount of money. Making mistakes will be almost impossible!

Search for other riders

When you register, specify where you want to work and apply to the businesses in the area!

Shifts always at hand

With shifts convenient to consult, delivering becomes easier!

Zero chance of errors

Real-time calculation of the fastest route and summary of the products to be delivered just a click away

Super intuitive multiple deliveries

The interface immediately guides you through order management, step by step, without missing a single detail!


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